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Vibratory Reinformation and how you can use it in your business

De-program all allergies,
intolerances and sensitivities in 1 month

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This document summarises the main points of the conference and the full catalogue of available reagents.
Make an appointment by telephone to get answers to all your questions.

And if you too could
deprogramming all sensitivities?

Affects 1 in 3 people

Easy to offer

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Add this speciality to your skills as a therapist and expand your client base in a very promising market segment.

1 in 3 people are affected by this type of condition, and only a tiny proportion find a satisfactory solution.

The LUMEN CARE method achieves very good results for all forms of allergy and intolerance and many mild chronic symptoms.

These results are achieved because the LUMEN CARE Method addresses the allergic phenomenon from a completely different anglewhich incorporates the emotional side very often associated with sensitivities.


A deprogramming consultation is carried out as follows:

    • An interview (approximately 15 minutes)
    • A sensitivity test (approximately 20 minutes)
    • Customers receive their treatment capsule, which they carry out at home over a period of 1 month.
    • An end-of-treatment validation test - after 1 month - (approximately 10 minutes)

No treatment is given during the session, which can also take place remotely.
One information capsule costs 40 euros

A 3-month course

E-learning (4 hours)


the origins of the method, the knowledge base on allergies and intolerances and historical references.


Synchronous face-to-face or distance learning course (19h30 over 2 and a half days)


devoted to practising the test and taking an anamnesis, including repressions and emotions, and preparing the treatment capsules to be sent to the laboratory. The consultation can be conducted face-to-face or remotely, but we're not talking about the 2-day version?


Practical group exercises (12 hours - 2 sessions of 2 hours each over 3 months are compulsory)


In addition to the training, practical case studies are carried out in turn by the trainees.


Individual coaching (3 hours - 1 hour per month)


one-to-one with the trainer and preparing for the final certification.


Certification in the practice of the Lumen Care Method

Audition with presentation of a short internship report.

Equipment and services

The teaching materials essential for learning and practising the test include 3 sets of 50 capsules, i.e. 150 testers covering all the reagents in the Lumen Care catalogue. This material is compulsory because it enables the therapist to handle all the sensitivities available.


Services and annual subscriptions


Listing in the therapists' directory

  • subject to certification and professional activity siret number.

Access to the Verbatim premium application

  • an application that allows therapists to track their clients, report sensitivity tests and compose and order treatment capsules.

New catalogue guarantee

  • up to 15 new tester references sent free of charge every year.


Online services


The therapist area

  • unlimited access to the Lumen Care knowledge base. (E-learning, Q/R)

Therapist webinars 1/month

  • unlimited access to videoconferences where practising therapists share their experiences and ask for advice on specific cases.

A Facebook group

  • access to the private group reserved for practitioners.

Schedule, rates and terms and conditions


These dates correspond to the main modules 2 and 3 of the 7 in the training process. The official course start date shown on the contracts, corresponding to e-learning module 1, is 8 days earlier.
  • 23 March 2024 - 24 March 2024 : Positive Emotional Reinforcement Training 
  • 19 April 2024 - 21 April 2024 : Training in remote deprogramming of sensitivities and intolerances 
  • 11 May 2024 - 12 May 2024 : Positive Emotional Reinforcement Training 
  • 7 June 2024 - 9 June 2024 : Training in remote deprogramming of sensitivities and intolerances 


  • Therapist area

  • Group

  • Webinar

  • 1 session
    per month

  • Support


A - Training (41 h 30)

1.860 €

B - Teaching materials - 166 testers

400 €

C - 1st year subscription

60 € value

D - 10 custom-encoded capsules

300 € value

2 300 €


Lumen Care is recognised as a training organisation Data Doc and Qualiopi certified.  

  • Payment in 4x free of charge, i.e. €575/month over 4 months
  • Application for funding by certain OPCOs for all or part of the training (Fifpl, Agefip, etc.)
  • CPF funding: subject to certain conditions (contact us)



Target audience

The course is open to all, although only people with another healthcare practice will be listed in the practitioner directory at the end of the course. Validation includes supervision during a consultation, an interview and a follow-up report on 3 practical cases.

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You'll be able to deal with all the sensitivities of your private and professional entourage and their loved ones, so you'll be able to relieve many suffering families of their daily ailments. Using a natural, risk-free method, you'll be the one who finally comes up with the solution that works after many unsuccessful attempts.


You will learn how to carry out a complete test of a large number of sensitivities and organise the treatment protocol to suit each one. You'll discover just how reactive the human body is, and how accurately it can express its feelings through the practice of muscle testing. You'll have acquired an extremely valuable and sought-after skill that will direct many desperate allergy sufferers to you.

They talk about the method

Learn about

Lumen Care method

Your trainer

Olivier Coen

Creator of Lumen Care Laboratory and the "Vibratory Reinformation" method. Researcher, energy therapist and method trainer.

Passionate about energy therapies, he studies and learns about various methods.

After suffering from a gluten allergy for ten years, he discovered and trained in a method of energetic treatment of sensitivities.

Convinced of the results, but disappointed by the cumbersome nature of the protocols, he successfully developed his own approach.

Then, in order to spread the Lumen Care method, he set up his own laboratory and trained therapists in the use of his tools.

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Eliminate allergies: the Lumen Care Method

This document summarises the main points of the conference and the full catalogue of available reagents.
Make an appointment by telephone to get answers to all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any contraindications to this method?

There are no contraindications, no substances are ingested, and the treatment is open to everyone.

Who is this course for?

For all practising or aspiring therapists who want to relieve the suffering of millions of people for whom no treatment has had a definitive effect.

What are the results?

To date, according to feedback from therapists using the method, the success rate is just over 60 % of cases treated, which is much higher than other methods.

Is there any follow-up after the course?

Olivier Coen, the founder of Lumen Care Laboratory, regularly organises videoconferences with the network's therapists, where everyone shares their experiences and asks questions.

Are there any other costs involved before I can practice?

Once you have paid for the training and the kit, you can practise the method at no further cost if you are already a therapist. If you're thinking of becoming a therapist, you'll have to pay for the whole process yourself.

How many consultations are needed for a full treatment?

In general, two consultations are required, the first of which includes the test, and the second after the one-month protocol to check that the reagents are at zero.

Is the method legal?

Yes to 100 %, as long as you don't claim to be a doctor if you're not, in which case you would be practising medicine illegally and liable to imprisonment.

Should multi-allergy sufferers be treated 1 by 1?

No, you can treat up to 15 allergies with a single vial. Unlike other methods, the treatment time is shorter and the cost much more affordable.

Is the product dangerous if the vial breaks?

No, absolutely not, the vial contains highly diluted informed water according to the principle of homeopathy.

Why wear the vial around your neck?

Worn around the neck, the vial is in contact with the sternum, a well-known point of energy exchange.

Can several people be treated with the same vial?

In absolute terms, there's nothing to prevent this, but we don't recommend it, as during the treatment there is an exchange of energy between the vial and the body of the person being treated, and the effectiveness for the next person could be reduced.

Is the treatment suitable for pregnant women and young children?

Yes, absolutely, there is no contraindication for this as there is no toxicity in the product contained in the vial.

Is the result definitive?

Yes, for practically all cases. For seasonal allergies (pollens, etc.), we recommend repeating the protocol once a year, just before the start of the season.

Is the treatment covered by the Assurance Maladie?

No, and it's a shame that no energy treatment is currently covered by the health insurance system, despite the excellent results obtained in contrast to reimbursed treatments.

Is the treatment recommended for hypersensitive people?

Yes, and it's even highly recommended: excellent results have been observed with this category of people.

Can animals be treated using this method?

Although we have no statistics for this category, some therapists have done so successfully (see their testimonials).

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