Intolerant to pineapple and kiwi, Maurane can now eat them without any worries!

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Maurane : Since this summer, I've been able to eat the fruit I wanted. Pineapple and kiwi, in particular, used to burn my mouth, my tongue and give me mouth ulcers. It was quite complicated. Now I can eat them without any problems.

As far as metals and alloys are concerned, I can put all the earrings I had back on without any problem. Before, I'd put them on and after three or four minutes I'd already feel a reaction. But now, over the holidays, I've been able to indulge myself and I've forgotten all about them. So it changed my life.

I also had problems with latex, whether for condoms or even gloves. I can wear gloves again without getting burns on my hands or eczema. And I don't have any gynaecological problems either. So it's great. I can live again! Being able to live without having to think about my allergies feels really good.

Olivier : Are you a therapist?

Yes, and I wanted to do the training with you in 2023 and I saw that it started in February.

Olivier : There are sessions every two months or so.

Maurane : I saw that you could pre-register.

Olivier : Yes, that's right. That way you'll get all the customers!

Maurane : I always carry around my tool, my little pouch, with everything inside. I talk about it regularly to see if people would be willing to have this kind of consultation. There's so much medical wandering in the 86 and 37 that people are ready. They're so desperate to get nothing that they're willing to try other forms of consultation. It's quite positive.

Olivier : Great! Come on, it's working!


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